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Sommelon 2010 kesän taiteilijoita tai yhtyeitä ovat mm.

Antti Savilampi

Savilampi is an old-time folk dance instructor and a choreographer who has worked both with amateur and professional dancers for nearly 40 years. At the Sommelo Festival of 2010, Savilampi will act as the instructor of the folk dance course and he will also direct a show number with playfully suggestive corner dances, as part of the night of shameless songs.

Photo: Antti Savilampi

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Eeva-Leena Pokela

Eeva-Leena Pokela has been a musical auntie for Finnish children for several decades and, in effect, her audience has grown up from being toddlers into grandparents during the 50 years of her career. In her main occupation as a lecturer in the Sibelius Academy, she has trained several generations of leading professional musicians for the Finnish and international stages. In Sommelo, you may expect something new, something old and something completely unexpected…

Photo: Eeva-Leena Pokela

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The violinist, Esko Järvelä, and guitarist, Tuomas Logrén, have for years held a position at the cutting edge of Finnish folk music field, both together and as solo musicians. In these hands, the sphere of northern sound, captivating by itself, is given a joyful and speedy, yet beautiful shape.


Esko Järvelä - violin
Tuomas Logrén - guitar

Photo: Jani Kivelä

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Photo: Jani Kivelä

Heikki Lahti

Master fiddler and triple Finnish master of mandolin playing, Heikki Lahti, has made a long career within the fiddling music sphere. The repertoire of this master fiddler contains fiddle music from all corners of the world. Katja Lampinen has accompanied Heikki Lahti for more than twenty years.

Heikki Lahti - mandolin
Katja Lampinen - 2 and 5 row accordions, mandolin

Photo: Veli-Jussi Lietsala

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Photo: Veli-Jussi Lietsala


Hiite is a folk music ensemble, established in 2006, the repertoire of which has its base in the traditions of the Finno-Ugric peoples. The music of Hiite has been characterised as minimalistic, yet rich and versatile in its tones. Hiite plays traditional songs and instrumental tunes that have been picked out from recorded archive materials.


Anne-Mari Hakamäki - vocals, jouhikko
Matti Hakamäki - vocals, kantele
Kirsi Ojala - vocals, wind instruments, jouhikko
Sanne Tschirpke - vocals, wind instruments, mouth harp

Photo: AJ Savolainen

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Photo: AJ Savolainen

InterContinental Trio

The InterContinental Trio is comprised of musicians from three different continents, the music of which predominantly represents the genre of world music. Apart from playing several instruments, all members of the trio sing in a number of languages.

Sheila Surban (the Philippines) - vocals, gu-chen, percussion
Sakari Kukko (Finland) - saxophones, flutes, piano, vocals
Ismaila Sane (Senegal) - percussion, vocals


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The Horse-Hair Orchestra

Jouhiorkesteri - or the Horse-Hair Orchestra, is a Finnish folk music group, established at the beginning of the third millennium. The music of the group is based on ancient traditions in Finnish, Karelian, Finland’s Swedish and Estonian drone music, within which the Jouhiorkesteri constantly searches for new forms of expression.


Rauno Nieminen - jouhikko, mouth harp, long flute, kantele, vocals
Pekko Käppi - jouhikko, alto jouhikko, vocals
Ilkka Heinonen - jouhikko, alto jouhikko, bass jouhikko, vocals
Salla Seppä - jouhikko, vocals

Photo: Klaus von Matt

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Photo: Klaus von Matt

The Kajaani Accordion Club

The Kajaani Accordion Club was founded in 1984 and it has functioned as a study circle within the local open college for the whole time of its existence. The instructor of the circle is Terho Lämsä.


When two friends, who were studying music, “shacked up” with each other, the group, KaMina, was set up: the duo of Kaisa Kauppinen and Minna Seilonen thrills and gladdens listeners with traditional tunes in new arrangements.

Kaisa Kauppinen - accordion
Minna Seilonen - violin

Photo: Antti Tuominen

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Photo: Antti Tuominen

On a journey with the kantele

“On a journey with the kantele” is an interactive and barnstorming children’s concert, where the audience will become part of the storytelling through singing and playing the kantele in a quite new way! There will be a workshop prior to the concert, so bring your own kanteles along! The adventurous journey will last 45 minutes and the whole family may hit the road.

Vilma Timonen - composition, kantele, vocals
Milla Viljamaa - piano, harmonium, melodica
Ilkka Heinonen - double bass, jouhikko
Tuomas Timonen - drums, percussion
Johanna Elovaara ja Anne Koutonen - dance, choreography


The word “keiketys” is found in the Finnish folklore collection, Kanteletar, and it means moving about lightly. The folk dance association Kuhmon Keiketys was founded in 1989. The repertoire of the group mainly consists of traditional Finnish folk dances and new folk dance choreographies. In its performances, Keiketys also has ballroom dances and dances that the group has brought along as souvenirs from its tours abroad.


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Kuhmo Summer musicians

The Kuhmo summer musicians system is a special course, initiated by the Kuhmo Music Institute, where advanced level students of the music institute and those who have already left the institute for professional studies may work as musicians during the summer. Once again, this summer, the City of Kuhmo, the Kuhmo Arts Centre and private enterprises will hire a couple of dozen young musicians for a period in the summer to play, sing, to develop themselves as musicians, and pleasure the heart of others through their music. As with last summer, Lauri Sallinen and Henrik Sandås will team up to instruct the young musicians.

Kimmo Pohjonen ja Ville Walo

The Iron Lung is an intensive duet of two artists, in which the creative energies of the accordionist and composer, Kimmo Pohjonen, and the juggler, Ville Walo, get together on stage. A quite new type of encounter is to be expected, allowing for improvisations and interplay, in which the boundaries of the art form of each performer will be stretched.


Kimmo Pohjonen - accordion
Ville Walo - juggling
Anne Jämsä - visual design
Antti Rehtijärvi - lightning
Heikki Iso-Ahola - sound design

Photo: Vertti Teräsvuori

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Photo: Vertti Teräsvuori


The adult music orchestra, Kuppis!, has flung itself with piety into its object of research, the sensually satirical enlightening music. The recordings of folklore, stored in the archives, contain a great deal of reference material on educational enlightening songs, the themes of which vary from nightly wooing visits to going to village youth gatherings, from village dances to domestic and kitchen work. The topics of the songs, concerning everyday life, also include typical agrarian tasks: hoeing, sowing and ploughing furrows.

Erno Poukko - thrumming above the hole
Marketta Hellä-Keskiväli - rubbing of the violin
Impi Unelma Ruttu - squeeze box hugging

Maari Kallberg

ring the studies for her doctoral degree of music, Maari Kallberg has become profoundly conversant with the Viena Karelian culture, both on her own expeditions and by studying the materials, collected by A. O. Väisänen from the Viena Karelia. In the summer of 2010, Kallberg will act as the hostess of the seminars and she will also perform in Viena Karelia.

Mauno Järvelä

Mauno Järvelä (b. 1949 in Kaustinen) has made a remarkable career as a musician, fiddler and a pedagogue. In his teaching career, which started as early as the 1960s, he has developed the so-called näppäri pedagogic method, these days enjoying high repute in violin pedagogy. This method represents a way of action, which would prefer to give all children and young people a chance to become engaged in playing music. In the Sommelo 2010 Festival, Mauno Järvelä will also be seen as the specialist in the seminar on the violin and the fiddle.

Photo: Salla Seppä

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Photo: Salla Seppä

Nordic Choro

This ensemble was founded in the autumn of 2008 due to the love of the Brasilian choro. Compositions, written by Jarmo Romppanen over the past few years and owing their inspiration to the choro tradition, needed interpreters, which resulted in the founding of this new trio. The rhythmic and harmonic bases of these compositions lie in the Brazilian tradition, but in their melodic lines, one also traces influences from Nordic folk music styles.


Fabio de Oliveira (Brazil) - 7 string guitar
Ricardo Santos (Brazil) - percussion
Jarmo Romppanen (Finland) - mandolin


Within one evening, the Paju ensemble moves fluently from transparent minuets to lively and gay tunes or the sturdy tales of rune songs.The playing has a strong air of living in the moment and many of the tunes are a little different each time. The repertoire consists of Finnish and Finnish-Swedish tunes and also pieces, created by Pauliina and Juulia themselves. Paju is nominated festival duo for the Sommelo festival 2010.


Pauliina Pajala - violin, viola, nyckelharpa
Juulia Salonen - ocals, wind instruments, harmonium

Photo: Juha Laitalainen

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Photo: Juha Laitalainen

The fiddlers of Paltamo

The gentleman group of fiddlers from Paltamo has fiddler tunes from the province of Kainuu in their repertoire, especially tunes, written down or recorded and composed by Ressan Lassi. The group also plays music from Kaustinen and, moreover, tunes from Lapland. In the following autumn, the group will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Eero Leinonen - violin
Mikko Syrjänen - violin
Toivo Seppänen - harmonium
Petri Möttönen - double bass

Pia Rask

Pia Rask is a folk singer whose repertoire ranges from old hymns to working class songs and gypsy songs. She has collected experience as a musician in groups like Tallari and MeNaiset and as a soloist, she has performed with the Helsinki Balalaika Orchestra, the old music orchestra, Retrover, and the Savonlinna Orchestra. She has received distinction as a music editor both in the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and in magazines of this field. “If you require a really ordinary singer - you have one here!”

Photo: Sakari Martikainen

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Photo: Sakari Martikainen


Puhti is crazy fussing around, with the moments of sensitiveness, joyful and pompous cooperation of a dancer and a musician. It is a unique ensemble of two women, combining music, dance and theatre. Master of Music, Anne-Mari Kivimäki, plays the accordion and Master of Dance, Reetta-Kaisa Iles, dances, whilst both of them sing in the performances. The matchless comedian duo of Puhti: Kivimäki and Iles - stick their neck out in a way that is beneficial for the heart and the “laughing nerves”.


Anne-Mari Kivimäki - accordion, vocals
Reetta-Kaisa Iles - dance, vocals

Photo: J-J Nippala

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Photo: J-J Nippala

Russkaja pesnja

The ensemble, Russkaya pesnya, operating within the Kalevala Community Centre (Dom Kultury), was founded in 2008 by Elena Olshakova, a graduate from the department of Finno-Ugrian music of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory. The accordionist of the ensemble is Nikolai Olshakov, also a graduate from the same conservatory. The group sings Russian folk songs. This young ensemble has drawn attention by its sincere intonation of singing and its wide repertoire.

Photo: Tatjana Vainio

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Photo: Tatjana Vainio

Stringpuree Band

The music of Stringpurée Band embodies echoes of the backwoods of Northern Savo and the dusk of urban streets. The band, comprising an electric kantele, bass and drums has developed an unresistingly tasty and personal sound. The self-made compositions of this trio are a credit to their Finnish roots, whilst also being inspired by progressive rock and psychedelic sentiments. The second album of this group will be released in May 2010.


Senni Eskelinen - electric kantele
Niko Votkin - drums
Kalle Ylitalo - bass
Pentti Dassum - sound technician

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Sommelo players

Fiddlers and folk musicians from all over Finland have enrolled as Sommelo players. These players will appear on the Fiddler’s bench, organised daily in the Kuhmo marketplace, and on Saturday 3rd July, they will be heard at several locations in Kuhmo in connection with the joint get-together of present and ex-inhabitants of Kuhmo.

Taito Hoffrén

Taito Hoffrén is a singer, musician and a composer, who received his training at the folk music department of the Sibelius Academy. He has become deeply familiar with the rune songs (runosongs) of Arhippa Perttunen.


Photo: AJ Savolainen

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Photo: AJ Savolainen

Arja Kastinen

Doctor of Music, Arja Kastinen,has devoted herself to studying the mystery of Karelian improvising on the kantele, and she creates soundscapes by using various playing techniques on reproductions of various museum kanteles.


Photo: AJ Savolainen

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Photo: AJ Savolainen

Timo Alakotila

Timo Alakotila (born 1959) is a musician, composer, arranger, producer and pedagogue. His instruments are the piano and harmonium. Alakotila has been awarded a second subsequent five-year state grant by the National Council for Music. Unen Poika (The Son of a Dream) is a work, commissioned from Timo Alakotila by Juminkeko, having its unique first performance in Sommelo this summer. The Arts Council of Finland has granted financial support for the production of this work.


Photo: Marion Göbel

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Photo: Marion Göbel


Vinide returns to its roots to bring rock representation to the Kuhmo summer evening. The band, consisting of musicians from Kuhmo, plays music, composed by the members of the group. The music of Vinide, roaring with melodies, has been described as "heavy in good moods", although the utterly Finnish melancholy and blue moods are apparent in the pieces. The concert of Vinide is a part of a joint get-together of present and ex-inhabitants of Kuhmo.


Elmeri Kinnunen - guitar, vocals
Mikko Kilpeläinen - guitar
Heikki Polvinen - keybords
Jarkko Holopainen - bass
Jaakko Juntunen - drums

Photo: Mika Karikko

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Photo: Mika Karikko


Virsukipinä is a folk music group of five musicians, having their origins in Kuhmo. The group was established in summer 2007, in connection with a summer musicians’ project. The musicians of the group draw their joint zeal for playing, both from their common sense of humour and from their individual footings: Mikko from jazz harmonies, Soile from astronomy, Leena from ethnomusicology, Saara from boxing and Minna from singing stages.

Minna Seilonen - violin, kantele, jouhikko
Soile Kukkonen - vocals
Mikko Ylönen - harmonium
Leena Ylönen - flute
Saara Limnell - clarinet

Photo: Hannu Seilonen

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Photo: Hannu Seilonen


Established in Petrozavodsk in 2007, Yar-Hmel is an ensemble in the music of which some hear influences from heavy folk and others from art rock. The repertoire of the group includes rock arrangements of folk songs and also music, composed by the members of the group. The sound of the band is made up of harsh electric violin and drive rhythms, singing, acoustic guitar and clarinet.

Nadezhda Bykadorova - vocals
Kirill Gurejev - guitar
Andrei Tepper - violin
Juri Dushevin - clarinet
Igor Levchenko - bass guitar
Igor Saharov - percussion

Other performers

In the events, preceding the actual festival, the performers are Minna Seilonen, Salla Seppä, Janne Seppänen, the Kajaani Accordion Club, the Lentiira folk music circle, Otrada Group and the Hete Group, along with Sommelo musicians.

Lecturers of the seminars

Mauno Järvelä
Mauno Järvelä is the lecturer of the seminar “The violin and the fiddler”.

Tuuli Talvitie-Kella
Tuuli Talvitie-Kella is a researcher, pedagogue and a violinist from the Pirkanmaa region. She will defend her doctoral thesis on musicology during early autumn 2010. Her doctoral thesis is a pioneer work in Finnish universities of science, as she is combining artistic methods and forms of reporting in a traditional scientific doctoral thesis.

Senni Timonen
Senni Timonen (born 1944) is a researcher in the folklore archives of the Finnish Literature Society, who has assorted previously unpublished Kalevalian materials of the folklore archives, for example shameless songs. She has been the editor of the folklore publication, presenting these materials both alone and in cooperation with other researchers. Her doctoral thesis, “Minä, tila, tunne” (2004), deals with lyric poetry. In Sommelo 2010, Senni Timonen will be the lecturer of the seminar “Shameless songs”.

Photo: Juuli Kammonen

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Photo: Juuli Kammonen

Other lecturers

In the seminar on shameless songs, there will be another Finnish lecturer and 1-2 specialists and lecturers from the Republic of Karelia. There will also be specialists from the Republic of Karelia at the seminar “The violin and the fiddler”.