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Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Liitto

Cultural tourism

A trip to Kuhmo is always a cultural journey, but this applies even more during July than at any other time. One of the central ideas of Sommelo is to serve as a cultural bridge across the Finnish-Russian border.

The concert public also has the possibility to take a unique cultural trip to the fabulous Viena Karelia; to Uhtua and Haikola, where the concerts will take place on 5th to 8th July. It is possible to travel to Viena Karelia by your own transport, but you will get the best out of the trip by attending the Sommelo cultural trip, which includes guidance by well-versed guides, accommodation and meals, and, naturally concert tickets and transportation to the concert venues. Check the more detailed description of communications here. You shall find information on the various accommodation alternatives, available in Kuhmo from the city of Kuhmo web site.

Sommelo culture trip to Viena Karelia 5th – 8th July 2009

Inquiries and bookings for the trip by 12th of June 2009

Matka-Kyllönen Oy
tel. +358 8 652 0771, +358 40 590 9229

The programme of the culture trip is available at

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