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The themes of this year’s Sommelo Festival are the accordion, singing and cultural encounters. These are all - including the cultural encounters - represented in the training programme.

The international kantele camp of Sommelo - already establishing itself as a traditional event - the tuition of which will be given by the top Finnish kantele players Eva Alkula, Arja Kastinen, Emmi Knuutinen and Vilma Timonen. The course is intended both for professionally oriented students and for amateurs. The kantele camp is organised in collaboration with the Finnish Kantele Society.

The Sommelo children's and youth folk music camp will be organised on 29th June–3rd July 2009. The teachers of the course are Minna Hokka, Lassi Logren, Sari Kaasinen, Maija Karhinen-Ilo, Anne-Mari Kivimäki, Minna Seilonen, Salla Seppä and Pia Rask.

The singing courses include training in both solo and group or choral singing with Ilona Korhonen and Pia Rask as the teachers.

This year, Sommelo will also introduce pedagogical training courses that are particularly recommended for those who work in the field of early education. Training will be offered in several sectors of music education and experienced professionals of folk music and folk music pedagogy will appear as the teachers of the courses.

The teachers of the accordion course are Jari Komulainen and Anne-Mari Kivimäki.

The aim of the dance course, titled “Pep your Legs", led by Reetta-Kaisa Iles, is to get your feet off the ground by using all means and styles of folk dance.

A summer course in balalaika playing will be organised in Finland for the first time ever! Teacher of the course is Olli Knuth.

A lamenting course will be organised in the cultural heritage house of the Viena Karelian village of Hietajärvi in Suomussalmi on 2nd–4th July 2009. The instructor is Liisa Matveinen.

All training courses, except the lamenting course, will take place in Kuhmo.

The 2nd Sommelo International Kantele Camp “SOI”
The children's and youth folk music camp “POTKU” (Kick)
Folk song course “Oma Ääni” (Individual Voice)
Folk music course for early education teachers
Accordion course “Puhtia Palkeisiin” (Swelling Bellows)
Folk Dance Course “Puhtia Pohkeisiin" (Pep your Legs)
Balalaika course
Lamenting Course “Itkun koti” (The Home of Lament)