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Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Liitto

SOMMELO 1st –7th July 2009

The programme for the folk music festival, Sommelo, is ready to be released. It consists of about 40 events (concerts, seminars, evening jam sessions by an open fire) in six different locations in Kainuu and Viena Karelia. The themes of this year’s Sommelo Festival are The accordion, Singing and Cultural encounters.

Sommelo has rapidly established a steady position within the field of Finnish folk music festivals. We are proud to offer several standing specialities: runic reciting (or runosong reciting) and other archaic forms of music are a constant part of the annual programme, we offer scientific thematic seminars the content of which is presented in popular form and, finally, we have a live connection to the Russian Viena Karelia.

Training and courses play a very significant part in the programme of Sommelo which will be more extensive than ever.

You will find more detailed information on Sommelo's whole programme on the other pages of this site.

You are welcome to enjoy our programme!

Festival Programme Sommelo 2009
(PDF, 6,5 MB 24.6.2009)

The 2nd Sommelo International Kantele Camp “SOI” (Japan) - 14.05.2009 (PDF, 90 Kt)