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This project is co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

PoCoBus -project

PoCoBus -project is direct continuum to a project funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in 2010, aimed for economical cooperation and strengthening of entrepreneurship in the neighboring areas. (The financing conditions define, that it can be used for preparation of ENPI CBC projects).

    1. Founding of two new enterprises and supporting the workshop and other facilities to them, as well as supporting the beginning of third handicraft enterprise, which has been founded earlier by the preparation project.
    2. Renovating a part of Moberg’s house in Kalevala (to be used as museum and exhibitions).
    3. Renovating a house in Paanajärvi for the use of Museum of the village.
    4. Renovations and small purchase in Vuokkiniemi, Kalevala and Haikola to the use of enterprises and travelers.
    5. Tuition of entrepreneurs in terms of marketing, economic issues and the use of new technology.
    6. Seminars and workshops in business plan and strategy;

Solving and diminishing logistical problems.
Two of the future Entrepreneurs will get education on the handicraft. Education is arranged both in Finland and in Russia by the best experts. The third one will get also training in the field of her industry.


Overall objective is to create and promote entrepreneurship on both sides of the border, and to advance their cooperation.
Specific objectives are:

    • To establish two new enterprice in Viena Karelia, one in Uhtua/Kalevala District and one in Vuokiniemi/Kostamus District.
    • To improve possibilities in business by creating new attractions in the target area, by creating and supporting the service structure, subcontracting chains and networking among the enterprises in the area.
    • To turn relative remoteness into a positive factor by good planning, cooperation and mutual strategy in developing the business
    • To create a cooperative strategy to solve (or diminish) the problems of logistics between Kainuu and Viena Karelia
    • To improve the clean water availability and sanitation in the enterprises and museums and villages.

Main outputs

  1. Two totally new enterprises will start in Viena Karelia, and a third new etreprise gets support, support and marketting plan.
  2. New attractions in Kalevala and Paanajärvi, which are based on culturally sustainable idea, and which give new opportunities for the future.
  3. Better service and business possibilities in the small enterprises in the target area.
  4. Improved water- and sanitation solutions in many small enterprises in Viena Karelia.
  5. A joint, sustainable cooperation strategy amongst the enterprises and other actors in the target area, which lays ground to a further actions and development.