On the Trails of the Great Bear 2014

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Cultural festival with powerful northern stories in Kuhmo November 14th-16th

On The Trails of The Great Bear is a cultural festival, that brings light into the dark November of Kainuu and takes place for the second time this year. During the weekend November 14th-16th in Kuhmo the audience will be able to find strong cultural experiences, all connected with the big theme: the stories of the northern peoples. The Great Bear and the Big Dipper have always been the most important celestial bodies for the people of the north, and many mythological meanings and stories are based on those. On the other hand The Great Bear might have many different kinds of meanings. In Kuhmo the stories of the peoples are in the center of attention.

Teatteri Telakka

This year’s festival programme is again a rich mixture from different fields of art: theatre, music and film are represented as well as are the specialist lectures and an exhibition concerning the northern peoples.

The main venue of the festival is the great Kuhmo Arts Center: www.kuhmotalo.fi

The organizers: Juminkeko Foundation | Runosong Academy | Culture tourism in Kainuu -project

More info: Runosong Academy, Nikke Kaartinen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +358 44 7001441