Cultural tourism

A trip to Kuhmo is always a cultural journey! Sommelo also aims to serve as a cultural bridge crossing the Finnish-Russian border.

The festival audience is offered an opportunity to join a cultural excursion to the legendary Viena Karelia in Russia, to Uhtua and Haikola, where an excursion will be organised on 4th–7th July 2011. On the journey, you will be able to sense and enjoy the timeless atmosphere, the birth grounds of the Finnish-Karelian runosong, and, undoubtedly, great concerts!

You may also take an individual trip to Russian (Viena) Karelia. You will find information on tourist services and good hints for travellers on the site www.juminkeko.fi/ontrei

Further information about Vuokkiniemi (Voknavolok), Uhtua (Kalevala), Haikolasta and other Viena Karelian folklore villages is available at the Juminkeko web site on www.juminkeko.fi/viena

Cultural excursion from Kuhmo to Viena Karelia 4th–7th July 2011

Price of the trip: 335 e

The price includes: bus transportation from Kuhmo and back, accommodation and catering, meal on the way to Viena, coffee in Vuokkiniemi on the way back, group visa and travel insurance covering health care expenses. For those participants of the excursion who have individual visas, the price of the trip is 290 euros.

Additional fee charged for: concert tickets in Uhtua and Haikola and catering in Haikola.

Reservations at the Matka-Kyllönen travel agency by 3rd June.

Bus transport from Helsinki on 30th June 2011

  return fare single fare
180 €
95 €
Mikkeli 140 €
75 €
Kuopio 110 €
60 €

Return on 3rd July 2011 following the same route.

Reservations may be made at the Matka-Kyllönen travel agency by 3rd June.

In so far as too few reservations are made, the bus transportation from Helsinki may be cancelled one month prior to the trip.

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