The Sommelo 2011 Programme has been released!

The Sommelo 2011 Programme has been released

In the summer 2011, the musical skein of Sommelo will unravel in four directions.The elements of fire, water, earth and air create the foundation for the event with shepherds´ instruments, Sami music culture and great songs as its main themes.The Sommelo festival will have visitors from all cardinal points of the Sami culture: from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

The performances of Sommelo will stroll on pastures, field headlands, village roads and on the ways of the wind. We shall be listening to animal and brass horns, cattle calls, kanteles, udu drums, yoiks, frame drums and great songs. Fascinating soundscapes will be created, bridges from the present to the past and the future will be built. In the programme, the force of sensitivity, the manifest of folk rap and ancient Finnish music will be wrapped in the scents of smoke sauna. For children the programme offers tales about the Ogress, princesses and dragons, the great reindeer and the wise horse.

In its entirety, the programme of Sommelo comprises numerous events organised by Sommelo’s partners in cooperation, such as the Small Coffee Concerts of the Kuhmo Summer Musicians, the activities of the Kainuu Folk Music Association, the special courses and the seminar on great songs, provided by the Runosong Academy. Sommelo heartily thanks all of its partners!

All in all, the Sommelo Festival offers up to 70 different events. Come and take your pick from this great variety!