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On this page you will find Sommelo press releases and photographs for the media.

Journalists may register for Sommelo by contacting the Production Manager, Kaisa Kilponen, by e-mail kaisa.kilponen(at)runolaulu.fi or by telephone +358 44 350 1393.

Press releases

Press release 21.4.2011


The photographs may be used in connection with information concerning the Sommelo Festival. When publishing the photographs, the name of the photographer and the source of the photo (Sommelo) must be credited, if not agreed otherwise with the Sommelo Festival. There are more photos available in the Sommelo photo gallery in summer.

Ulla Pirttijärvi & ULDA
Kuva: Jari Länsmani
Ulla Pirttijärvi & ULDA
Duo Liisa ja Tellu
Kuva: Lauri Virkkala
Duo Liisa ja Tellu
The World Mänkeri Orchestra
Kuva: Titta Valla & Timo Penttilä
The World Mänkeri Orchestra
Skaidi (Norja) Skaidi
Jord (Ruotsi)
Kuva: Emma Sofia Olsson