Sommelo 2012

2012 will be the seventh anniversary of the Sommelo Folk Music Festival. It will take place in the province of Kainuu, Finland, and in the villages of Viena Karelia, Russia. Once again the air will be filled with music from 28 June till 2 July 2012.

The Sommelo of 2011, held in Kainuu and Viena Karelia, ended in high spirits. The Festival comprised up to 70 events, including - along with concerts - seminars, training courses and also happenings related to the special theme of the year, the sauna. The festival brought together about 6,000 visitors and concert-goers. The themes of the festival were shepherds' instruments, Sami music and great songs. The musical offerings covered a wide range of folk music from ancient music to the avant-garde of modern folk music. Concerts were held in the halls of the Kuhmo Arts Centre and the premises of the Juminkeko Centre, as well as in the church, cottages and in the fold of nature. The most recent Sommelo Festival was more international than in previous years with performers and lectures form Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Vietnam and France. There are two distinctive features to Sommelo: first, a programme that has runosinging and the kantele as its backbone, and second, a divided festival scene, extending from Kainuu to Viena Karelia, encompassing both sides of the Finnish-Russian border.

The Sommelo Festival wishes to express its warmest thanks to the musicians, artists, teachers, specialists, course trainees, staff, volunteers, cooperation partners and audience of the summer 2011!

Cultural travel

A trip to Kuhmo is always a cultural journey! Sommelo also aims to serve as a cultural bridge crossing the Finnish-Russian border.

Art exhibitions

There are many art exhibitions in Kuhmo during Sommelo. Borg Mesch, Exhibition of shepherds' instruments, Blacksmiths and Kalevala... Come, see and enjoy!