The Sommelo Folk Music Festival is an annual music event, organised in the Finnish province of Kainuu and in Viena Karelia (Russia), taking place in late June/early July. The event will bring on stage professionals of modern folk music, international artists and local masters of tradition. The Sommelo Festival 2011 will run from 30th June until 6th July. The music courses start earlier the same week.

Kuhmo is the main venue for the Sommelo Festival in the province of Kainuu. The seminars, training courses and the majority of the concerts on the Finnish side will take place there. Other concert venues for Sommelo 2011 in Kainuu will be Hyrynsalmi, Sotkamo and Suomussalmi. The Sommelo concerts in the province of Kainuu will take place 30th June–3rd July. The festival moves on to Viena Karelia on the 4th July. In Viena Karelia there will be concerts in Uhtua and Haikola on 5th–6th July.


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